November 2015

Phil joins ‘Magic Scissors’ line-up

Earlier this week, Phil took part in Magic Scissors, a fundraising campaign which aims to raise £15,000 to fund a hairdressing training programme for a year in Uganda. The project will provide immensely useful vocational skills to provide young adults in Uganda with a skill that is intended to set them up with a career for life.

Hairdressers signed up for the month-long scheme also include Lee Stafford, Errol Douglas, Charles Worthington, Trevor Sorbie and Nicky Clarke.

Phil’s cut took place on November 3rd after the Magic Scissors were delivered to him by the Lessons For Life team behind the campaign. After using them, his usual fee (plus a personal donation) was donated to the cause and the scissors passed to the next stylist. The aim is to raise around £15,000 by the end of the month.


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