When should you use coconut oil?

What’s not to love about coconuts? They smell like holidays, they taste good (even better as ice cream) and their oil works wonders on hair.

My Coco Licious range is a firm favourite for hydrating hair and adding shine, so I decided to extend the range by adding in a moisturising coconut oil too. Want do know when you should be using it? Keep reading…

When you feel the frizz…

Frizzy hair means it’s dehydrated and needs a big drink! My Coco Licious, Moisturising Coconut Oil is ideal at hydrating thirsty locks. A little goes a long way, so rub a small amount between the palms of your hands and smooth down the mid-lengths and ends of the hair shaft. This is best applied to towel dried hair for best results.

 Did you know that frizz often means there is some secret curls waiting to be discovered? You might have thought that you had a wavy or straight hair type, or maybe you even thought ‘frizzy’ was your hair type? But often, it’s curls that need a little help adjusting. After applying your hair oil, twist your hair in sections and blow dry upside down using a diffuser, resting the twists in the palm of your hand and gently scrunching - this will help encourage your curl pattern to form.

 When you’re getting your photo taken…

Coconut Oil adds amazing shine to the hair which makes it look luscious and healthy in photos. Run through the lengths and ends before styling as normal for a dazzling finish that will capture the light beautifully. Any remaining oil on the palms of your hands can be smoothed over the top of the hair to tame flyaways.

 When you’re going swimming…

Ever wondered how you can stop that dry, matted feeling in your hair after swimming? Coconut oil is the answer! Apply to the hair and comb through before going in the pool or sea, this will help protect the hair with a nourishing barrier between the chlorine or saltwater. It’s the perfect boost of hydration your hair needs, as chlorine and saltwater strips hair leaving it feeling tangled and dry.

 To help transform damaged hair

Over processed, coloured or weak, damage prone hair can be treated with coconut oil. Not only will it help to restore and moisturise hair strands, but it will also smooth the hair cuticle. This really helps the appearance of hair as it allows shine to bounce from a smooth, healthy surface whilst also stopping it from snagging and breaking further.

If your hair is very curly…

Curly hair is often a dryer hair type and can handle a heavier duty moisturiser. If you find your normal conditioner isn’t cutting it, add a scoosh or two of coconut oil for boosted hydration. You can also pre-empt this by coating your hair in hair oil around 20-30 minutes before washing it as normal. This will help your hair retain moisture that shampoo can sometimes strip out.

Remember this tip is only for VERY dry or curly hair, fine or normal hair could feel weighed down.

Have you tried any of these tips? What’s your favourite way to use coconut or coconut oil? I’d love to know!

Phil x