Asked By You, Answered By Phil

“My hair gets so matted and tuggy in Winter, especially after wearing a scarf. How do I stop this happening?”

Sarah, Plymouth

PS. This is a common problem, especially for those with longer hair; the constant rubbing of different layers of clothing cause the hair cuticles to become interlocked with one another and can be a nightmare to brush out. In this case, avoidance is better than treatment. Before layering up, make sure hair is thoroughly combed and tug free. Loosely tie with a scrunchie or a spiral hair tie to avoid kinks and tuck your ponytail into your coat or jumper. Gently pull out face framing sections if you don’t like the slick back look. Using my Super Smooth range will help hydrate damaged cuticles and stop them locking together so easily too. Keeping hair moisturised is important as often the winter months leave hair drier which can lead to tuggy, hard to manage hair.

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Phil x