Hair Tik Tok Trends: #HairTheory

Whether you identify as Gen Z, Millennial, Gen X or Boomer, it seems there’s no escaping the so-called ‘Tik Tok Trends’ as they grace the pages of every magazine and newspaper and penetrate popular culture. The ‘Tik Tok Made Me Buy It’ craze appears to be here to stay and, if we’re honest, some of the trends are pretty entertaining.

For example, the latest hair-related trend is Hair Theory - a trend where users wear their hair in several different styles… The theory is that the way you wear your hair can change how you look and how you’re perceived. 

Videos using the #hairtheory hashtag have seen an impressive 48.3 million views as users - generally young women - flock to the app to try the theory themselves. 

What the trend implies is the POWER of hair… a theory we, at PSBG, can stand behind! What’s your favourite hairstyle and what do you think it says about you?