How to look after postpartum hair

During pregnancy you may notice your hair becoming thicker and more lustrous but after having the baby, this plentiful mane might start to shed (sometimes excessively) as your hormones begin to shift. 

It might sound alarming, but the simple reality is that postpartum hair loss impacts most women after the stress of giving birth. And while it’s completely normal and temporary, it can still feel shocking to see tufts of hair in your brush or comb.

Whilst it’s frustrating, the truth is that, for women experiencing hair loss after pregnancy, the best course of action usually involves exercising patience and helping postpartum hair loss appear less pronounced by:

  • Using volumising shampoo (such as Big it Up!) which contains proteins may help your hair look fuller.
  • Use conditioner on the ends of strands only. Using it on your whole head can weigh the rest of your hair down, making it look limp.
  • Style your hair using a Volume Boosting Spray giving your hair maximum oomph