How to style curtain bangs…

70’s curtain bangs (or a fringe as we used to call it in the UK!), tends to make a reappearance in the trend guides fairly regularly. Its strong link to 70’s music and fashion culture makes it iconic and highly sought after. All it takes is the new celeb or influencer of the moment to adopt the effortless boho vibe for it to take off again.

The key to making the most of this style is volume, volume. volume. Here’s my top tips on how to achieve the perfect curtain fringe… or bangs…

1. Wash your hair with a volume boosting shampoo and conditioner. This will help increase the body of your hair from the get go. Try my BIG IT UP! Volume Boosting Shampoo & Conditioner. You’ll likely find your fringe will go lank quicker than the rest of your hair so you can just wash your fringe between washes.

2. Squeeze excess moisture from hair and apply a pea-size amount of a texturising product. My BIG IT UP! Volume Boosting Cream creates definition and volume for that perfect lived in look.

3. Using a round brush, blow dry your fringe up and away from your face to create bounce. Think of curving the brush in an ’S’ shape as you dry. Don’t forget to protect your hair from heat damage first. My Cocolicious Heat Defence Spray is great for this! Finish on the cold air setting of your blowdryer.

4. Gently hold each side of your fringe until cool. This helps the hair hold the shape you have created with the round brush.

5. Finish with a touch of dry shampoo and a spritz of hairspray. This will add an extra dose of texture to the root as well as flexible hold to keep your fringe in place without being too rigid. Check out my Cocolicious Hairspray and Dry Shampoo to finish your look.

I hope you find these tips helpful. Remember to tag me in your looks on Instagram @philsmithbegorgeous.

Phil x