Hi, I’m Ellie Smith, Creative Director at Phil Smith Be Gorgeous. Last month I was so excited to speak with Marie Claire for their Power of Beauty Campaign. It was surreal to be featured as one of their Gen Z Beauty Creatives alongside some other super talented people.

We talked about what it’s like to work in the beauty industry as a Gen Z’er, how I approach a work, life balance as a young mum and what the COVID-19 pandemic has meant for the industry and my role within it.

Growing up with both parents working in the world of hair meant I was submerged from a young age. I loved watched hair transformations happen and how that could totally change someone’s mood, lift their self-esteem and turn around their day for the better. Helping someone feel more confident is still what I love most about working in the beauty industry today.

If you want to read the full feature, check it out here.

You can catch me on the PSBG social’s where I do some vlogs on our products, and if you have any hair or career questions feel free to send a DM.

 Ellie x