New Year’s Resolutions for your hair

It’s January 2023 - what better time to take a moment to look at your current hair routine and consider whether to change it up. Here at Phil Smith we’ve put together some good hair habits that you might want to resolve to slot into your beauty routine…

Stick with products for your own hair type

Do a bit of research into the products that suit you. If you’re a curly gal, grapeseed oil can help to condition your hair, if you’re blonde, chamomile can help to brighten your locks whilst you can restore shine to damaged tresses with Moroccan argan oil.

When it comes to hair, it’s all in the ingredients - make sure you’re incorporating the right ones.

Turn down the temp!

Even though it’s FREEZING at the moment and a steaming shower might seem like the best option, it’s not the best idea for your hair which can be stripped of its natural moisture and will dry out your hair and make the colour look duller.

Go Vegan

Going vegan is not just a good thing because no animals are harmed during the formation! Vegan haircare formulations don’t contain chemicals which can be harsh on the hair and cause long-term damage (such as dryness and hair loss!) This also means, in the long run, fewer chemicals are being pumped into the environment.

Phil Smith products have been fully formulated to be vegan friendly! We believe that being more sustainable shouldn't be an option just for the luxury market.

Haircare = Self-care

Take time to give your hair the loving care it needs. Even if it’s not every time you wash your hair, incorporate more than just shampoo & conditioner into your self-care routine. Depending on your hair complaint, an oil, a cream or a mask is the ideal way of ensuring hair health.

Phil Smith Be Gorgeous Total Treat Argan Oil Cream will miraculously transform the texture of your hair into lustrous silky locks whilst, whilst a pea-sized amount of Coco Licious Nourishing Coconut Oil will leave your hair looking glossy and healthy.

Make your hairdresser your best friend

Book yourself regular salon appointments - we recommend every 6-8 weeks for a trim and a conditioning treatments. Make 2023 the year for lustrous locks!