Three great colours for the Summer

Only last week Dame Helen Mirren rocked up on the Cannes red carpet with dark blue hair and it was SUCH a look. We love the fact that she regularly goes against the grain - she looked fabulous and carried herself with such elegance and joie de vivre. And it got us thinking of our top three crazy colours. Can you add to our list? 

In the Pink

It’s been popular for a while and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Pink, whether Barbie or pastel gives girly girl but with a bit of an edge.

Out of the Blue 

A fave of celebs, with Kylie Jenner and Lady Gaga donning beautiful blue hues.

Parma Violet 

This beautiful violet/lilac hue has such a fabulously calming vibe. 

AND ONE FOR LUCK…  (if you can’t choose one colour!)

Rainbow Hair

Is such a time-consuming look to achieve but WHAT an effect. We love this look just on the fringe but we also love a peek-a-boo rainbow moment. Glastonbury perfection.

Look after your colour! 

Whatever colour you’re going for, make sure you’re looking after your colour with the right shampoo and conditioner. PSBG Coco Licious gives colour-damaged hair a boost of moisture with its coconut oil formula. A tropical cleanse for super-soft, hydrated hair.