Veganuary never looked so good

Every January, many join the Vegan community to celebrate Veganuary during which people avoid food and products derived from animals. At Phil Smith Be Gorgeous, we’re pleased to be a part of this community, having recently reformulated our products to be 100% vegan. 

Have you taken the pledge to join Veganuary this year? If so, we have five tips to help you on your vegan journey…

  1. Plan Ahead

The most organised you are, the easier it is to stick to a vegan diet. Write a meal plan ahead of your weekly shop and you won’t get caught out when you’re in the supermarket aisles. Some products, for example, dairy-free butter aren’t available at smaller stores so it’s better to plan ahead and buy from one of the larger shops. 

  1. Identify your must-haves

Identify your favourite meals and food types and research into whether there is a vegan alternative. So many plant-based alternatives are available now - it’s just a matter of searching. Nowadays there’s very little reason to be caught out!

  1. Spice it Up!

Sometimes vegan meals can seem a little more bland as you’ll be dealing with proteins that are less flavoursome by nature. Use them as a canvas for a variety of herbs and spices!

  1. Check your hair & beauty products

If you plan to fully dedicate yourself to the cause, you should check out your hair and beauty products too. For example, keratin is derived from animal products and should be replaced with a product containing vegan proteins such as the Phil Smith Be Gorgeous Total Treat range which helps restore damaged, dry and coloured hair to silky smoothness. 

  1. Enjoy!

This needn’t be a grueling process - it can be a fun trip of discovery. You never know, it might be something that you continue with after January is over!