Every year brings a new ‘it’ shade; Rihanna red, Kylie Jenner’s teal or neon green like Billie Eilish. It’s always interesting to me what the next one will be and what really takes off as a trend. Usually the more subtle hues are the most wearable for everyday life.

Punchy, powerful blues are definitely taking off but my personal favourite is the softer silver lilac. I love the gentle, magical quality about it and how it blends and reflects on blonde hair.

When it comes to showcasing more unusual hair colours, it’s the condition of the hair that really brings it to life. You’ll often find colourful hair works best when hair is smooth and sleek. Taking care of your split ends and flyways to create a perfect canvas for the colour to pop will make or break the look.

Try my SUPER SMOOTH range to perfect the quality of your hair. The formula of the Luminous Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner helps to nourish and moisturise hair whilst keeping it feeling light. Washing in a cool temperature will also help hair retain the vibrancy of the colour longer.

Gently squeeze out the moisture with a towel (a cotton t-shirt works even better), this will avoid breakage. Finish by spritzing my SUPER SMOOTH Keratin Protein Spray to calm and relax unruly hair, leaving it easier to manage with a radiant glow.

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Phil x