What is a ‘Wolf Cut’ and how to style it…

The Wolf Cut blends two styles that have found their way back into mainstream popularity; the shag and the mullet. As someone who was around for the mullet when George Michael was repping it in the 80’s, I find it perplexing to see it return! But as with all trends, they cycle back in one way or another with tweaks and changes to make them feel contemporary.

The Wolf Cut is the ‘it’ style of summer 2021 (think Billie Eilish’s new look, singer Miley Cyrus is also a fan). It packs a lot of attitude with short, shaggy layers around the front reminiscent of the mullet with volume focused on top and tapering through the length. Usually paired with a full, textured fringe or a 70’s style curtain fringe, this slightly wild and untamed look exudes cool-girl.

If your hair has natural texture, the wolf cut is fairly easy to style. Wash with my Big It Up! Shampoo & Conditioner to add life to the layers. Spritz with my Coco Licious Firm Hold Hairspray and use the tips of your fingers to muss the hair into the desired effect. The less precision the better.

Smooth hair will require more maintenance for this look as the layers will naturally lie flat. Follow the above but before finishing with hairspray, use my Big It Up! Volume Boosting Cream along with my corresponding Big It Up! Volume Boosting Spray. One will add body while the other will create grit and texture - a must for this style to look its best.

I personally like this style most on curly hair. The curls give an effortless lift offering a softer take on what can be a fierce, sharp cut. For curly girls, I’d recommend switching out the BIG IT UP! range for CURLY LOCKS. The Curl Perfecting Shampoo, Conditioner, Spray and Curl Control Cream will help to define your curls without adding too much unnecessary texture and potential frizz to the hair.

Phil x