Easy Hairstyles for Festivals


Glastonbury has been and gone for another year. I didn’t make it to this edition but it’s been a firm favourite in our family for years – although, hat’s off to those who brave the campsite! It’s strictly Glamping for us.

There’s an undeniable vibe and electric atmosphere attached to a music festival that you just can’t replicate anywhere else and it’s an incredible source of inspiration with so many creative people coming together.

However, it can be tricky to achieve the right look in a tent; pre-planned outfits end up crushed, there’s no mirror so makeup is done in the reflection of someones sunglasses and hair, well forget waiting in a queue to wash that – there’s bands to see after all!

So for those still in anticipation, waiting for Reading, Leeds, Latitude, Lovebox or another festival somewhere further afield – here’s a guide to my top 3 festival hairstyles; striking, bold and easy to achieve.

1) Bubble Braid 

No shampoo, no problem. A couple of days without washing your hair makes this look even better. Pull hair into a high pony and using a tail comb slick back to create a smooth finish, secure with a hairband at the crown. Spritz the ponytail with my Big It Up! Volume Boosting Dry Shampoo to create a weightless, thickened texture. Section the hair and secure with a clear hairband every 2 inches. Once you’ve reached the end pull each 2 inch section to loosen into a ‘bubble’ effect. Spray with my Coco Licious Firm Hold Hairspray to tame any fly away hair. This is definitely a power pony and a look for an Instagram Baddie… whatever that is!

2) Up the Volume

At a festival, you’re definitely without home comforts and when the weather is hot, the humidity can play havoc with your hair. Embracing the volume that brings, is sometimes the only way to go if straightening or blow-drying isn’t an option. Spray your hair with my Super Smooth Keratin Spray to reduce frizz and create a silkier texture. Pull back the front sections and comb into a sleek finish, securing in a half pony with a hairband. From underneath, wrap an inch section of hair around the ponytail to conceal the hairband from view. Spray with my Total Treat Argan Oil Dry Shampoo if necessary and mist with my Glam Shine Mirror Shine Spray to create a glossy, hydrated finish.

3) Material Girl

This requires a little extra pre-planning but not much! You’ll need to bring a cotton or satin scarf, preferably one narrow in width. Braids always make a big splash in festival looks and they’re easy to customise with whatever is trending that year, whether it’s glitter or tinsel extensions. This year we’ve been seeing people incorporating fabric into their braids. Give hair a spritz with my Coco Licious Coconut Dry Shampoo and section hair as normal to create your desired style of braid. Holding the fabric under one component of the braid complete as normal, twisting the fabric to the front and secure using a hairband. To make the look more dramatic, use fabric longer than your hair to create an effortless boho vibe. Rough up the look a little by teasing strands of hair out around the face to achieve a more lived in style that exudes cool confidence.

Phil x

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