How to Achieve 3 Festive Party Looks…


Party season is upon us and the salon is filling up with styling appointments for nights out, parties and Christmas do’s. We always like to keep it contemporary so for those needing a little inspiration, here’s our top 3 styles for the 2019 festivities.

The Ribbon

Hair accessories have been big this year generally. But for your Christmas party, choose a velvet ribbon to elevate the look. Wash hair using the Big It Up shampoo and conditioner to give hair bouncy volume and spritz the Cocolicious Heat Defence spray through the lengths and ends to protect locks before styling to your preferred finish. Pull hair into a half up, half down ponytail and secure using a hairband, remember to leave some face framing sections at the front. Tie your ribbon around the ponytail, hiding the visibility of the hairband. Finish by spritzing the Glam Shine Gloss Finishing Spray to leave a luxurious shine to the hair.

The Multiple Kirby Grips

Give the ‘wet look’ a new lease of life by adding a layered wave of contrasting kirbies. Wash hair using the Glam Shine range to boost radiance followed by a pea sized amount of the Glam Shine Glossing Serum to the lengths and ends of towel dried hair before drying as normal. After defining your hair into the desired part, slick back one (or both) sides with a tail comb so hair is sitting smoothly behind your ears. Secure using the Cocolicious Firm Hold Hairspray liberally to enhance the ‘wet look’. Take kirby grips in a contrasting colour to your hair (black if you’re blonde and white if you’ve dark hair) and slide along the secure section of hair, layering up and angling in different ways to create a graphic, edgy look.

The Party Pony Wrap

Ponytails are a staple hair style and they can be manipulated to suit any occasion. Party season will definitely see an increase in wrapped pony tails with the rise of brands like Corinne World offering cool, contemporary accessories. Really beautiful, nourished hair elevates any hair style. For this one, I’d recommend the Total Treat Transforming Shampoo & Conditioner to tame and care for winter damaged locks. Dry hair using a barrel brush to add volume and movement. Secure hair into a low ponytail at the base of the neck and take your wrap of choice and twist around the length of the ponytail.

Phil x

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