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I feel like last time I checked in here I was chatting about Sunshine and holidays…? But here we are, already on a Christmas countdown. I’m actually a big Christmas fan, it just never ceases to amaze me how quickly it comes around… such a cliché but true!

Colder weather and the things that go with it, like central heating, can play havoc with your hair. It’s important to take extra care to ensure hair remains hydrated, healthy and shiny.

One of the most common issues winter weather is responsible for is static, flyaway hair. Pulling layers on and off can cause static so there’s no surprise that come ‘sweater weather’ this is a problem but the real offender here is central heating. Hair is naturally drier in the colder months and going from warm houses to the brisk outdoors (followed by heating in cars and buses), builds up a static quality.

Adding in a nourishing hair oil into your weekly routine is also a good way to retain moisture within the hair. Try warming a small amount of the Total Treat Transforming Argan Oil between the palms of your hands and smoothing through the lengths and ends of towel dried hair before styling as normal to lock in extra moisture.

As a final step, after layering up (or removing them) change the parting in your hair, this disrupts the static energy allowing hair to lie in the way you desire it to.

Phil x

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