What Hair Colour Looks Best?

So The Brit Beauty Council announced that the most Googled hair query of 2018 was, “what hair colour looks best on me?”
It can be a tough one to work out on your own. It comes down mainly to skin undertone and natural hair pigment, which can help direct you either to warm hues or cool tones, as well as the depth of colour to go for. It’s something a hair stylist would be happy to talk you through before you commit to an appointment.

Something that is super important after you’ve coloured your hair is maintenance. Making sure you stock up on the right products to care for your new colour between appointments will help with its condition and appearance. Often you’ll find hair will start to look flat and dull without proper attention. My Bombshell Blonde Radiance Shampoo and Conditioner helps lift blonde highlights, bringing out a sunkissed glow and glossy finish. My Wow! Brunette range adds a rich, multi-dimensional appearance to brunette tones. These blonde & brunette products keep hair nourished and looking healthy, and are the secret to extending the longevity of your colour.

Phil x

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