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Answering hair care dilemmas is part of every hairdressers job and I’ve personally been doing it for over 30 years! This time, I took to Instagram to ask you what your biggest hair concerns were and you didn’t hold back.

These were the top 5 questions asked by you.

Michelle, Inverness
“I want to embrace my naturally curly hair but it just looks frizzy! What do I do?”

PS. It’s all about the moisture! Curly hair is typically drier than other hair types so adding as much hydration as possible is really important. Wash hair with something like my Curly Locks, Curl Perfecting Shampoo and Conditioner. Don’t be rough when towel drying your hair. Instead use the towel to gently squeeze the water from the lengths by tipping hair upside down and lifting the hair upwards. Follow by using the Total Treat, Argan Oil Cream or Argan Oil liberally to the lengths and ends. Twist your hair, following its natural curl pattern to enhance the definition as it dries. Leave to dry naturally until 80-90% dry before finishing with a diffuser. This will help decrease frizz and static that can happen by letting hair air dry completely. Tip your head upside down and place your hair on top of the diffuser and lift while drying on low heat. This helps add volume and create bouncy, defined curls. Finish by spritzing with my Curly Locks, Curl Perfecting Spray which helps tame flyaways and frizz whilst gently holding curls in place without weighing them down.

Allison, Leeds
“I’ve had the same haircut forever. I want a change but I have no idea where to start…”

PS. Be mindful of the styles you like, screenshot celebrities to show your hairdresser. It’s far easier for your stylist to look at a visual and work out what is tying the examples together and likely the element that you like. People interpret words differently so images are much easier. Think about your face shape and colouring. Often people can be enamoured by a style that ultimately doesn’t suit their undertone or face shape so it’s good to consider this when looking for inspiration. Once you know these details, Google celebrities that have the same characteristics as you. This way, you know it will likely suit you. Ask your stylist for advice! That’s what we’re here for. A good stylist will figure out what you want as well as your lifestyle so they can recommend something different along with a maintenance plan that suits your day to day life.

Mona, London
“My hair gets greasy SO quickly but I hate the feeling of 2nd day hair!! How do I break the cycle?”

PS. This can be a tricky habit to break. The more your hair is washed the greasier it will get as your scalp goes into overdrive to produce more natural oils. If you live in a congested city like London, this can also play havoc on hair. Constant exposure to fumes from traffic and the underground can aid a greasy texture. My answer? Dry shampoo! This is not revolutionary but something like my Cocolicious Dry Shampoo will help take the edge off 2nd day hair by providing a refreshing, clean feeling. However, rather than the morning, I’d recommend applying liberally the night before (more than you would normally). When you wake up in the morning and brush your hair through, it will feel light and fresh, without a hint of chalky residue. I have a dedicated blog post to dry shampoo which you can read here.

Suzie, Salisbury
“I’m at the age that greys are showing and I’m not ok with it! What can I do?”

PS. Unwanted grey hairs are a common complaint, especially at the salon as it’s often then that clients notice them! One of my favourite products is my Root Touch Up Concealer Spray. Over the last few months it’s fast become everyone else’s favourite too, while they can’t make it to the salon to get their roots done. My Root Touch Up comes in 6 complimentary shades from light blonde through to dark brunette and it can be used to successfully cover pesky greys. Simply hold the spray at a distance and gently cover the desired area. Wait until dry before styling hair as normal. The colour is waterproof and won’t come out until your next hair wash.

Gemma, Brighton
“I go swimming a lot and it turns my hair a weird colour. I have light blonde highlights and my hair is really thick and long.”

PS. Childhood horror stories of blonde hair going green from chlorine seems to have done the rounds for decades. And there’s some truth to it. Spending frequent, long stints in the pool can sometimes alter the hue of blonde hair, usually this is when it’s combined with sun exposure. I’d recommend not going swimming immediately after having hair coloured. Leave it at least 3/4 days after initial colouring and make sure you wash it first. To correct hair colour at home, try a toning shampoo and conditioner. My Blonde Bombshell range has 2 different options, one for an ashier, cool tone and one for a brighter, sunny blonde. Use this every day for a gradual way to tone hair to the desired colour, or, apply and leave for 5-10 minutes as an intensive treatment.

I love answering your haircare queries so if you want me to answer YOUR question, send me a message on Instagram at @philsmithbegorgeous

Phil x

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