Don’t cut your hair at home; a guide to growing out your fringe


So either you’ve decided to grow out your fringe on purpose, or, you can’t make it to the salon for a scheduled trim. Either way, it’s a difficult process and there’s no quick fix. There’s definitely a stage of awkward styling but I’m here to help you get through it gracefully.

Over the years, I’ve had countless requests for my tips on how to trim your hair at home. My reply? Don’t. It’s much easier for a stylist to transform grown out hair into a beautiful cut than fixing a botched job.

These are my suggestions which will help you get through with favourable results, for your hair (and your stylist).

You want to keep your hair in the best condition possible as dry hair will break and length will be harder to achieve. Usually conditioner is avoided on the fringe as you don’t want it to appear greasy. I’d recommend using a treatment overnight that you can wash our in the morning. My Total Treat Argan Oil Cream is great for this as it moisturises without weighing hair down.

Change parting…
If you normally have a middle parting, change to a side one instead. Push your hair into a sweeping side fringe to help hide an awkward length. Alternatively, opt to split your fringe in the middle and style it out with an Alexa Chung vibe.

Pin it…
Kirby grips have never been cooler. Slick your fringe to the side using my Glam Shine Glossing Serum to give a chic, sleek finish and slide in layered kirby grips for a contemporary look.

Braid it…
Depending on the length, incorporating a side fringe into a braid that sits behind the ear and can be tied or pinned underneath your hair is an ideal way to keep it from falling in your eyes.

Push it back…
Headbands are no longer just for kids and your childhood past. They’ve come back cool and are the perfect accessory to simply push back your fringe in an acceptably stylish fashion. 

Good luck! Keep it moisturised, accessorised and I’ll see you in the salon soon.

Phil x

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