Easy Hairstyles for the School Run…


Even though it’s been a long time since I did the school run, I remember the frantic dash well. Forgotten lunches, untucked shirts and toothpaste on collars and not to mention getting the kids ready.

I’ve had many clients sit in my chair desperately asking for a haircut that is easy to manage and style; nothing that needs a complex system of steps to make it beautiful, just a good cut that they can work with daily even during the mad school rush.

So since it’s back to school month, I thought I’d share my top 3 ‘on the run’ styles and how to achieve them.

1. A Simple Bun Done 3 Ways…

When you need to throw your hair up, a bun is the best way to do it. Either polished, undone or cool and edgy there’s a way to wear a bun that suits everyone.

Keep it chic and minimal with a simple knot secured with either a hairband or kirby grips, finish by using my Cocolicious Firm Hold Hairspray to tame fly-aways.

For a more effortless vibe, gather hair to the top of the head and twist into a knot and secure. With hair accessories firmly back on trend, there’s lots of options to use, including the crocodile clip… which I’m sure we’re all surprised is making a return (for maximum trend points I have it on good authority that a tortoiseshell one is THE ONE).

Finally, the half up, half down bun is not just for the kids. It’s a great way to make any look feel youthful and cool. Section the top half and wrap into a knot or choose to leave in a ponytail if you prefer.

2. Not A One Trick Pony…

A ponytail is an easy go to when you’re in a rush and it takes just a couple of extra steps to take an uninspiring one to a modern and contemporary look. Wear one of two ways. Either loosely pull to the crown of your head and secure with a hairband. Leave sections at the front loose and spritz with my Cocolicious Coconut Water Texture spray to add grit and movement.

Alternatively, use a tail comb to create a middle parting and slick back to the nape of the neck and secure in a hairband. Spray with my Glam Shine Glossing Spray to create a luxurious finish with mirror shine.

3. The Jumper Tuck…

In my opinion, the chicest of the lot and the easiest to achieve. Brush through hair, lift it in alternative parts and spray my Total Treat Argan Oil Dry Shampoo to freshen the roots. Pull on your favourite chunky jumper and instead of pulling your hair from underneath, leave it there. Check the mirror, and tease sections out to frame the face and voila, your done.

Good luck to all the parents doing the school run, trust me the 13 years will fly by…

Phil x

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