Falling for fringes


There’s something about Autumn and fringes. It’s like summer highlights or a berry lip in winter they just go together.

However, from a side-sweep to a blunt cut or a wispy feathered style, fringes often get a rep for being difficult to manage.

Want to know my favourite hacks for making your fringe look on point? Keep reading

Style your fringe before the rest of your hair.

After showering, your fringe will dry much quicker than the rest of your hair. More often than not, a fringe needs a little coercion to sit exactly how you would like it (even when going for the natural, undone look). Make sure to attend to your fringe first to stop it drying in an unwanted style or pattern. Styling techniques will be different depending on the cut of your fringe and the texture and type of your hair but if you tackle the fringe first, the rest of your hairstyle will fall into place much easier!

Apply dry shampoo overnight.

This is my favourite tip for using dry shampoo and it works especially well on fringes. Some people worry their hair is too greasy for a fringe, but usually this isn’t the case. It’s the natural oils from the skin transferring to the hair that causes this feeling. A good fix is to apply dry shampoo to the fringe before going to bed. Use more than you normally would and in the morning run a comb through to remove any excess product or chalky residue that might be left. The over application allows the dry shampoo to continue absorbing oils throughout the night leaving it feel fresh and light in the morning. Try my Total Treat Dry Cleaner for a fresh coconut scent

Skincare and fringes are not friends.

When you apply skincare to the face, it’s important to keep your hair clipped back for as long as possible. Skincare takes a while to fully sink into the skin so if you unclip your fringe straight after application, it’s going to transfer to your hair strands and give it the ‘stringy’ appearance, which no one wants! If you want to avoid pinning it completely, try a silk head scarf. This won’t absorb your skincare but will create a barrier between it and your fringe.

Dampen the roots to restyle.

If your fringe loses its shape you can easily restyle it by dampening the roots. This often will happen overnight when you might lean on it and disrupt the direction of the hair. Squeeze excess water from a soft face cloth and smooth over the roots of your fringe before blow-drying into place. Dampening the roots is enough to completely reshape your fringe without having to get in the shower.

Tame fly-aways with hairspray and a tooth brush.

If your hair is prone to static and fly-aways are an issue, then this is the answer you’ve been looking for. Spray a little of my Cocolicious Firm Hold Hairspray on a clean tooth brush and gently brush over the top layer of your fringe to set and smooth the hairs into place for a perfected, shiny finish.

Phil x

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