How to apply dry shampoo for the best results.


There’s a knack to applying dry shampoo. Too much and too close, your hair will feel chalky and straw like because of the oil absorbing nature of the product, but not enough and you won’t see (or feel) the benefits.

I even like to use dry shampoo on freshly washed hair as it gives a gentle lift and natural texture without saturating hair with lots of product. It’s a great method if you want hair to look naturally ‘done’ rather than pristinely coiffed.

Here’s my top tips on getting it right:


Give the aerosol a shake to make sure the formula is evenly distributed in the can. This will perform better when it is sprayed on to the hair.

Take the time to part your hair. You’ll need to apply the dry shampoo in sections to achieve effective results. By only spraying to the top, rather than sectioning hair and applying through the layers, you will get uneven distribution. Have a tail comb handy and work your way through your hair in layers on each side, remembering the back and crown of your head too.


When it comes to applying, distance is key. If you spray too closely to your scalp, the product will be too concentrated and will leave residue. Hold the aerosol 20cm away from your scalp and apply in light, even strokes to the root of your hair. Remember it is better to apply lightly to begin with and add more when necessary than overloading the hair and scalp with too much.

Although you might be tempted to spray throughout the lengths, you don’t need to. By applying to the oily areas of the scalp and root, all you hair will feel refreshed.


This might feel counter intuitive as we’re always saying not to touch your hair if you want to avoid greasiness! But letting the product sit for a couple of minutes before massaging in using the pads of your fingertips will actually help to activate the dry shampoo.

Do this and brush through to distribute any product build up.


While dry shampoo is the ideal solution to refresh your hair (especially ideal if you’ve got an impromptu Zoom meeting to get ready for), you must remember that it can’t be used indefinitely instead of a regular shampoo. When dry shampoo builds up (after days of repeated use) it can clog your hair follicle. Make sure this doesn’t happen by washing your hair with a cleansing shampoo like the one in my Total Treat range every 3 to 4 days.

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