How to Combat Greasy Hair…


Beating greasy or oily hair has been a much debated topic since I got into the industry many moons ago. And the answer is relatively simple.

If you’re finding your hair is greasy right after washing it it’s likely that you are using products that are too heavy for your hair type and/or applying them incorrectly.

If your hair is quite fine avoid using products that are overly rich and look out for words like ‘weightless’ next time you’re purchasing. When applying an oil, hair mask or conditioner ensure you are only applying to the lengths and ends to avoid a greasy result. Under no circumstances should moisturising products be applied anywhere near the scalp.

You could also be washing your hair too often. If it’s every day then it’s definitely too much. Washing hair strips out natural oils so to compensate we start producing even more which is why by the end of the day you feel you need to wash it again. It’s a Catch 22 and a cycle that you need to persevere in order to break. My Dry Cleaners will work wonders here, use these on ‘in between’ days to draw out excess oil and try to limit hair washes to a maximum of 3 a week.

If you have a habit of playing with your hair or touching it regularly throughout the day then this also makes hair feel and look greasier. You are transferring oils from the skin to the hair – think about everything your hands are touching throughout the day and imagine it being absorbed by your hair.

And like anything that affects our general health, bodies and skin – hair is affected by the same things. If we are stressed, anxious or not eating or exercising properly this can show in the condition of our hair. Stress has been linked with greasy hair so taking time to look after our bodies from the inside out will help too.


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