How to Conceal Grey Hair and Root Regrowth

Whether you dread noticing your root regrowth or you embrace it fully and go for the ‘smudged root’ look that over time, steadily becomes an accidental balayage, there’s no doubt that they’re a topic up for some serious debate.

I wanted to create a multi-purpose product that allowed those that wanted to cover regrowth to easily do so with a strong pigment that allowed precision and the ability to wash it out too. The Root Touch Up comes in six shades from the lightest blonde to the darkest brunette and allows easy application – perfect at covering any unwanted greys too.

Sectioning hair, spraying from a distance moving along the parting you can build colour by moving closer to the hair to give more of an impact. What I love is that you can use it in so many different ways. If you wanted to try out highlights or lowlights you could opt for a shade a few notches lighter or darker than your natural hair colour to create a multi-dimensional look. At £6 each, it’s an affordable way to try a new look without committing to the salon price tag until you know you like it. The same is true if you want to try the ‘smudged root’, again take a shade or two darker than your hair and apply to the root to create a grown in look.

It’s a product my clients love when I show them how easy it is to use AND it was recently voted the number one Root Concealer by Good Housekeeping in their Tried and Tested feature.

You could try it out today by purchasing here on my website or online or in-store at Sainsbury’s.

Phil x

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