How to repair damaged hair?


It’s one of the top hair related questions on Google, and one I’m asked A LOT. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news guys, but, it’s sadly not possible. When hair is broken or damaged, there is no going back and no way to repair it. When an end is split, the best thing to do is trim it off in order to promote growth and keep the overall appearance sleek.

But no need to despair, although repairing isn’t possible, there are tips, tricks and products you can use in order to help the situation and keep hair in better condition overall. It goes without saying that bleaching, colouring and heat styling is ultimately damaging your natural hair but with such a diverse and attainable range of products available to help counter this, there are ways to help keep locks in prime condition.

1. Wash hair less often.

Washing hair too often is counter productive as it doesn’t allow the natural oils to build in the hair which help to nourish and care for hair naturally. Try to limit washing hair to 2 or 3 times per week – longer if you can manage it. If you colour hair, make sure to wash it using a colour enriching Shampoo and Conditioner to help with it’s longevity. My Wow! Brunette Colour Illuminating Shampoo and Conditioner is perfect to enrich darker shades while my Bomb Shell Pure Blonde range is great at enhancing blondes. If you need to bring out an ashier tone then try my Bomb Shell Tone Enhancing range.

2. Use a leave in conditioner as well as a normal one.

Add in a moisture rich leave in conditioner to your routine in order to boost hydration. My Coco Licious Coconut Water Leave In Conditioner doesn’t weigh hair down but gives dry and dull hair a much needed shot of hydration which helps to smooth and protect the follicle.

3. Blast hair with cold water to close the follicle.

Hot water opens the hair follicle which, if hair is coloured will fade quicker. It also means hair is prone to further damage as it is open and breakages will be more likely. Blasting with cold water means the best services follicle will close and stop this happening – similar to splashing your face with cold water to close pores.

4. Never tie up wet hair.

While hair is wet, never tie it up. Wet hair is much more prone to breaking or stretching in this state. Air drying is best, so when doing this leave hair down in order to avoid damage. Add my Total Treat Transforming Argan oil to the mid lengths and ends for extra moisture boost. If using a hairdryer, ensure the temperature is dropped (this goes for other styling tools too) – it’s just as effective at a reduced heat, a diffuser will also help distribute the heat evenly so it’s not directed heavily on one area.

5. Get regular trims.

It’s true what your hairdresser is telling you. Regular trims will help promote growth but also keep ends sharp and less prone to further damage. A visit to the hairdresser to sort this out will do wonder.

Phil x

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