How to Rock the Modern Shag

This 70’s inspired rock and roll, cool girl cut has proved popular for the last few years. Think lot’s of choppy layers around the crown and a textured fringe.

In 2020, we’re seeing this adapt into a more commercial, easy to wear style with a softer take that can almost feel mod inspired. Layers are more feminine and blended like a classic Alexa Chung cut. She updates her style but always seems to include a mussy, music festival feel but with a chic finish. Remember you can always go for a less dramatic take by asking for the cut without a fringe or bangs as this will instantly bring it down a notch. 

Get the most out of this style by building volume to the hair with a product like my Phil Smith Be Gorgeous Volume Boosting Mousse. This product is light but delivers impactful volume – apply a small amount to towel dried hair, combing through from the roots to the ends. Blow-dry using a diffuser, tipping the hair forward and letting it rest on the diffuser to amp up even more volume.

For the perfect amount of intentionally, unintentional texture, spritz the hair with my Cocolicious Texture Spray which will help add grit. Using the tips of the fingers gently push around the layers to create movement and an unfinished look.

Regular fringe trims are imperative for this style if you’ve gone all out as it looks best with a slightly grown out look that can quickly look scruffy rather than effortless if left too long without a

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