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We’re solidly amidst Wedding Season. Every year in the Smith England salon we’re hit with a wave of Brides to Be, Weddings Guests, Bridesmaids and Mother of the Brides all looking for the perfect style for the special day.

Spring through Summer and Autumn are busy busy busy with clients all looking for the look that will stand the test of time in photos, still feel like them but also special enough that they feel ‘done’. Gone are the days of locked, crispy up dos as the natural, effortless vibe reigns.

These are my top 3 looks appropriate for any role you play on the Wedding Day, and how to achieve them.

1. Classic Hollywood Waves

A staple for special occasions; Hollywood waves exude glamour and sophistication. After using my Glam Shine Ultimate Glossing Shampoo and Conditioner to hydrate hair and boost shine, prep dried hair by spritzing lightly with the CocoLicious Heat Defence Spray. Section hair in a diagonal part and twist an inch wide, length of hair around a wide barrel tong. This should be held toward the face with hair wrapped from underneath, also curling towards the face. Unlike a beachy wave, all sections should be curled in the same direction to give that smooth wave like appearance. Twisting hair whilst curling allows for a more relaxed wave rather than a tight curl and holding each one until it cools helps to set the wave which means it will stay in place for longer. To finish, spray a bristle hairbrush with my Glam Shine Gloss Finishing spray and gently brush through though the waves for even distribution and to create a unified look to the waves. A gentle spritz of my CocoLicious Firm Hold Hairspray with help lock the style in place while keeping a soft and shiny finish.

2. The Low, Messy Knot

This one is for the low maintenance as it actually looks better, the less you fuss over it. My Big It Up! Volume Boosting Shampoo and Conditioner will help add body to the hair. Dry as normal and spritz my CocoLicious Coconut Water Texture spray in the palms of your hands and scrunch hair in upward motions from the ends to create a tousled look. Loosely pull hair into a ponytail at the nape of the neck allowing front sections to frame the face, secure with a hairband and pull and loop through leaving any hair that falls out of the knot as you create it. Looking directly ahead in a mirror arrange the front lengths of hair to hang effortlessly around the face, gently pulling more out from the knot as necessary. This relaxed style can be updated with hair accessories from a headband to clips.

3. Chic & Sleek Micro Bun

Popular among the young and trendy crowd, the half up half down look allows movement with an edgy twist. Nourish hair with my Total Treat Shampoo and Conditioner and add an extra shot of moisture by applying the accompanying Total Treat Transforming Argan Oil to the lengths and ends. To do this, drop a pea size amount of the oil in the palms of your hands and rub together to spread evenly before smoothing over the mid lengths and ends of hair in a downwards motion. Blow-dry using a diffuser to reduce any frizz and section off the top of the hair. Slick the hair back using a tail comb and wrap into a mini bun on the top of the head, securing with kirby grips. Loosely curl the lengths of the hair and brush gently through to create a loose, natural wave. Spritz the whole look with my Glam Shine Gloss Finishing Spray to create a dazzling, ultra shiny result.

Phil x

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