How to style your hair for Festive Zoom parties…

style your hair for Festive Zoom parties

It’s no secret I love Christmas and I’m determined to make this one just as special. Parties might not be the same as usual, but with a little imagination and some sparkle, I’m confident they’ll be filled with fun. I attended my first digital Award Ceremony not too long ago and I was surprised that so many people connected by a screen could feel like we were all together, having a party. Helped only a little by a glass of vino, like all good celebrations.

It got me thinking, what’s the best hairstyles for a Zoom party? After all, the glamour is up top and comfort on the bottom; the pros of a digital event!

Tomorrow’s Blowout

The great thing about an online event is you only need to perfect the front of your look. Lived in hair is what everyone is loving right now and this applies to blowout’s too. Slightly more relaxed and care free, you get the bonus of volume but with an effortless cool twist. Blow-dry your hair the day before, even go a little bouncier than you would usually as you’ll lose some volume overnight. To encourage curls, try my Curly Locks Curl Perfecting Spray ahead of your call, add some extra loose waves and curls at random at the front and leave to cool. Don’t worry if they’ve dropped at the back, this only adds to the lived in look. Brush through with a wide tooth comb and spritz with a texturising spray and use your finger tips to massage the hair to create a mussy texture.

Wash hair with: Big It Up! Shampoo & Conditioner
Style with: Curly Locks Curl Perfecting Spray & Cocolicious Coconut Water Texture Spray

Strong & Sleek Plait

A Kim Kardashian staple so I’m told, personally I think more Lara Croft. Again, think about the perspective of your style. You want all the drama to be at the front so this one is perfect for that. Ideal for longer hair or extensions, part your hair in a super straight line using a tail comb and tuck behind your ears. Spray with hair spray and use the fleshy part of your palm to smooth flyways and create a glossy, glass like finish. Secure at the base of your neck with a hairband and bring your ponytail over one shoulder. Plait in whatever style you prefer and secure with another hairband leaving an 2inches of hair at the bottom. This allows you to tease hair if you want a more effortless look, or leave as is for a polished finish.

Wash hair with: Long & Strong, Healthy Lengths Shampoo & Conditioner
Style with: Cocolicious Firm Hold Hairspray

Barely There Waves with a Little Dazzle

It’s common knowledge that the “I just woke up and it was like this” hairstyles are often the hardest to recreate. Barely there waves needn’t be one of them. Depending on your hair type, either leave to air dry or blow-dry with tension to relax curls for straighter, but not perfectly so, hair. Take random sections and either use straighteners or a curling wand but leave the top and bottom of the hair, varying the placement of the curl. Gently comb through the hair so the curls are not defined. Use a smoothing spray to tame frizz. I like to pat this in with my hands, squeezing gently in sections to bring back some definition and dimension. For extra sparkle, sparingly apply hair tinsel along the root, under the top layer of hair for festive glitz (done right).

Wash hair with: Bond & Plex, Strength Boosting Shampoo & Conditioner
Style with: Super Smooth, Keratin Protein Spray

Hope you enjoy recreating these styles and remember to tag me in your looks @philsmithbegorgeous.

Phil x

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