Prevent Winter Hair Damage with these Tips…


Winter is the hardest season on our hair, the extreme weather and temperatures along with the fact it lasts so much longer than all the other seasons combined (in the UK at least) means it can take it’s toll.

1. Smooth It Out

While hats and scarves are a necessity in winter to protect us from the elements, the constant friction against our hair as well as taking them on and off causes damage. Try to avoid this by making sure your hair is smooth through to the ends. My Super Smooth Keratin Spray is ideal for this; spritz liberally to towel dried hair focusing on the lengths and ends and style as normal.

To enhance this even further, a hat lined with silk will help avoid friction even further when taking it on and off. Perhaps considered a little luxurious but something that your hair will definitely thank you for.

2. Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate

Dry hair is inevitable in the winter months as we’re putting our hair through extreme hot and cold temperatures. We ramp up the heating in our cars, before going out in frosty air and the result is brittle and dry hair from all the recycled air. Keep your hair in constant hydration; even hair that is prone to becoming greasy should be moisturised. A perfect way to do this without weighing hair down is by using an overnight treatment which you wash out in the morning. Depending on texture preference, try using either my Total Treat Transforming Argan Oil or Total Treat Argan Oil Cream, applying to the lengths and ends of towel dried hair. Leave overnight or for at least 30 mins before washing out with my matching Total Treat Ultimate Repair Shampoo and Conditioner for healthy, happy hair.

3. Leave the Over-Styling in December

Because Winter is home of the Festive season, hair is under a lot more stress with over styling for parties. The added heat, styling and accessories mean that our hair is under more strain than usual. Try to give your hair a break by leaving it natural – luckily, the biggest hair trend at the moment is embracing natural texture so you can still look stylish whilst putting your heat tools and accessories on hold. Well conditioned hair is the best style of all!

4. Regular Hair Trims DO Work

Although we tend to hunker down in January and hope it passes quickly, it’s important to remember that regular hair trims keep hair healthy and looking good. Don’t let January pass without booking yourself in for a little TLC at your hairdresser – you deserve it!

5. Wash your Hair is Warm or Cool Water

I get it, a hot shower on a cold day is what feels good, no one wants to stand under a stream of lukewarm water. But, the higher the temperature the more damaging it is to your hair and scalp. Those with sensitive skin will be the first to notice this as their skin will react quicker but the damage happens to every hair type on different levels. If you can bear to, wash hair in warm water and a burst of cold water when washing out the conditioner. This closes the hair follicle, sealing in the goodness from the product so it continues working and smoothing each strand individually even after your shower, which helps increase shine.

6. Don’t Leave Home With Wet Hair

And last but not least, DON’T leave the house with wet hair. Not only illness inducing (so we’re always told), going out with wet hair in the cold wrecks havoc on your hair. Because hair would take a long time to dry in winter weather, it means the water in the hair freezes, causing it to snap and break. Once this happens, there is no repairing so avoid this at all costs. Instead, keep inside and keep cosy!

Phil x

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