Rescue Post-Summer Hair by doing this…


Hair can take a bit of a beating in the summer months as more sun exposure leads to hair drying out. This paired with the fact it’s a time when people often decide to colour their hair a little lighter, grow it out a little longer and are more likely to have been in the sea or swimming pool (and if our British heatwaves are anything to go by, this year, it’s even true of a staycation!)

But, when suddenly days aren’t spent having picnics on the beach or bbq’s in the back garden, summer locks can feel a bit untamed, dry and in need of some TLC.

But don’t worry, when Summer fades, your hair doesn’t have to. Here’s what you need to do…


Sun, sea and chlorine all play havoc with our hair colour, especially coloured hair. Lots of time spend outdoors will naturally lighten your hair, and as chlorine is a form of bleach this will speed that up. However, these reactions are unpredictable so they won’t necessarily achieve a traditionally beautiful, sun-kissed look and can end up uneven and tonally, not right for your complexion.

Try washing with a toning shampoo & conditioner. For cool blondes, use a purple range like my Bomb Shell Tone Enhance duo to help refresh your colour. Golden blondes should use something less ashy like my Bomb Shell Blonde Radiance Shampoo & Conditioner which helps keep a warmer pigment to the hair. Brunettes, it’s all about bringing back depth and shine to your colour so use my Wow Brunette Colour Illuminating duo to really show off your hair’s dimension.


You also want to make sure you’re hydrating your hair to keep it healthy and restore moisture back into it. My Super Smooth range is great for this as it contains keratin. This wonder ingredient smooths each hair strand to create a glossy shiny appearance with no frizz. Dry hair can’t reflect the light because of the damaged condition, so smoothing each individual hair cuticle helps allow shine to bounce from a healthy and even surface. Wash your hair using the Luminous Smoothing Shampoo and and squeeze out the moisture with a towel before applying the Conditioner. Leave in for 10-15 minutes as a deep conditioning treatment before washing out. Finish with my Super Smooth Keratin Spray to lock in the moisture.


Finally, it’s the perfect time to book in with your stylist. I always think of September as a restart and you can really revive your hair by getting an inch or so (depending on its condition) trimmed from the ends. This will create a fresher cut and healthier shape to your hair.

…and just like that, it’s September!

Phil x

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