Top 3 hairstyles inspired by lockdown


Those that have avoided the dreaded at home haircut (well done!), are desperately awaiting the day the doors to their beloved salon open again. Trust me, your hairdressers feel the same!

Times like these are bound to have an affect on beauty trends; even in “normal” circumstances, a celebrity style or film can have huge impact on the haircuts people ask their stylist for. Throw the fact that we are all living a near identical life at the moment and multiply the impact by a hundred.

I’ve already had clients sending me pictures of someone called Marianne from Normal People, asking if her fringe would suit them..!

Here’s my top 3 cuts that I think everyone will be asking for when they have their first appointment back at the salon and the key product you need for each.

The Celebrity LOB

With split ends a-plenty, I’m predicting the rise of the LOB will continue post lockdown. It’s a chic, sophisticated style that will instantly transform hair to look healthier and thicker. When hair is left to grow, it tends to become dry and thin the longer it goes without being trimmed. By going for this style, it helps promote strong, shiny looking hair but the in-between length means it won’t take too long to grow back should you want it to.

Holly Willoughby, Alexa Chung and Hayley Bieber are all big advocates of this glossy, polished style.

Key product: The texture spray. This will add texture and movement to the style to help achieve a lived in look.

A Marianne Fringe

I’ve been informed that Marianne’s fringe is kind of a big deal, but NOT as big a deal as Connell’s chain? Forgive me, it’s over my head. I’m not big on TV, you’ll more likely find me wandering the British Countryside with my dogs Smithy and Smudge. But I know an influencing trend when I see one and from my quick internet search of her look, I can see this will be a big one.

When a particularly pleasing fringe comes along, it really takes off. From Bridgette Bardot’s curtain fringe to Jane Birken’s signature 60’s style, there are always celebrities who are synonymous with their fringe and the character of Marianne seems to be one in her own right.

From what I can see online, her fringe goes through a few different stages. From a short, choppy fringe that arches in the middle to a heavier style that blends to a wispy edge and finally a very thick, full fringe that extends to the temple. All are stylish and will suit different face shapes.

The most wearable is the one that finishes with a wispy edge as it is the style that has most versatility. It can be tailored to be thinner or styled more easily in different ways so can be adapted to suit varying face shapes and hair textures.

Key product: Dry shampoo. Fringes always look greasier before the rest of your hair. Avoid over washing by using a touch of dry shampoo in the roots of your fringe to freshen up the whole style.

Low Maintenance Locks

Lockdown has us all finding a new normal when it comes to routine. The lack of events and outings has lead many to embrace a more natural look when it comes to hair and beauty. Less make up and less time perfecting an impeccable hairstyle. We’re seeing more and more hair that enhances natural colour and texture. I predict that this will continue even when normality resumes.

Embracing natural hair can look so effortlessly beautiful and while some upkeep is still required to make it look it’s best, you can be a lot freer with it. Ask you stylist for tonal ‘babylights’ which are very fine highlights that look like natural highlights from the sun. It will help add dimension to natural colour whilst still looking fresh and ‘real’.

Key product: A colour safe shampoo and conditioner. Make sure your colour looks it’s best by using a colour specific shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair vibrant. My Wow Brunette range is great for making brunettes rich and shiny while my Bombshell Tone Enhancing range will brighten and lighten blondes.

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