Whatever you do, DON’T BOX DYE YOUR HAIR


You are used to a regimented salon visit every 6 weeks, roots are the enemy – I get it! But when you can’t make it to your stylist, my advice is always – don’t touch the box dye!

This is especially true for those already with salon coloured hair. Professional colour is bespoke. Your stylist takes many things into account when mixing your colour – from hair texture to undertones, it’s completely catered to suit you and your hair type.

Box dye claims to be one size fits all but it isn’t. When you return to the salon, your stylist will have a harder job applying bespoke colour on top of box dye as the results cannot be predicted. They will be colouring on top of unknown chemicals that can sometimes react unpredictably.

My recommendation is wait it out until your next appointment and use a concealer spray instead. My Phil Smith Be Gorgeous Root Touch Up comes in 6 different shades from light blonde to dark brunette to keep any regrowth from showing. You can order online straight to your door via philsmithhair.com.

You could also consider this time, an opportunity to try a grown out root by using a shade between the colour of your hair and the colour of your natural root that is growing in. Holding approximately 10cm from hair, spray in a light stream blending between the darkest and lightest section. Don’t overspray as a small amount is enough for coverage. Allow to dry before touching. The fast drying formula will last until your hair is next washed.

The perfect way to experiment without any repercussions when you return to your stylist!

Phil x

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