Which Bob to go for…


The bob has been reborn over the years, taking on a new form of cool that reflect the mood of the season. Now, there’s a variation to suit and frame every face. Here’s my top 5 styles and the reasons to go for each.

1. If you have an angular face.

Victoria Beckham’s bob of 2016 epitomised the ‘lob’ trend. Loose curls compliment an angular bone structure while the slightly longer, choppy bob length draws attention to the décolletage. If you have a similar bone structure and look to Victoria, adding a wave or curl to the bob automatically softens the look making it less harsh and more ‘lived in’ and casual. Shiny hair will help createan expensive, chic appearance and you can achieve this easily with a spritz of my Glam Shine Glossing Spray.

2. If you have a round face.

If you have softer features, a choppy bob lifts and creates definition in the face. To maintain this style, it’s all about creating texture. Spritz hair with my Cocolicious Coconut Water Texturising Spray and use your fingers to create grit and movement in the look.

3. If you have a square shaped face.

To compliment a square shaped face it’s all about styling something feminine and light. In general a bob will suit this face shape as it creates space between the shoulders and neck which shows off and flatters the décolletage which is ultra feminine. Michelle Obama does this perfectly with a voluminous, perfected and glossy look. For this, taming fly-aways is important to make sure the style remains glamorous and sophisticated. Finish using my Cocolicious Firm Hold Hairspray to tame hair into a sleek, smooth texture.

4. If you have a narrow face.

If you have a narrow face shape and petite features, then going for a super cropped 1920’s pixie cut will flatter these characteristics most. Modernise this style with the addition of contemporary parted bangs and lots of soft texture.Give it a boost by spraying my Big It Up! Dry Shampoo to give thickness and movement without weighing hair down – ideal if you have thin or fine textured hair.

5. If you want something different.

If you’re less about what’s flattering and more about turning heads then an a-symmetrical bob a la Rosamund Pike might be the one for you. With this style, regular appointments with your hairdresser is imperative to keep on top of the length which is key for this cut looking it’s best. Again keep it contemporary with lived in texture by using a tong to add loose waves, run your fingers through these to separate, leaving a tousled finish.

Phil x

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