How to combat brittle hair

If your hair is feeling more brittle than usual there are several steps to keep your hair from breaking during the winter months… 

Keep the product on for longer

When your hair is feeling fragile we’d recommend using a mask or deep conditioner and keeping it on overnight. Rinse it the next morning and style it as you always do. You’re guaranteed to instantly recognise the difference. 

Use a shower cap

Putting a shower cap over the hair while it’s covered in treatment is a great way to lock in that moisture. It generates heat which intensifies the treatment.

Pat, don’t rub 

Treat your hair with care! Don’t be so rough when you’re drying it with a towel - this will help to prevent breakages.

Cool it

Reduce your hair’s exposure to excessive heat by switching your hairdryer’s setting to a cooler one. 

Have a trim

Frequent hair trims will help to reduce split ends and breakage that occurs from the bottom up. Having yours cut regularly will give it a much healthier appearance overall.