How to look after your new copper tint

Since early last year, when Kylie Jenner graced the Fashion Week catwalks with a red coloured mane, copper coloured hair has been having a moment. We love this trend - everyone has a red hue that complements their complexion. But a key factor of colouring your hair red is to ensure that you know how to maintain its vibrancy. We’ve put together our top tips for you if you’re planning to ‘see red’…! 

Use a colour protecting shampoo 

Choose a shampoo that suits your purpose. You need a formula that effectively cleanses and keeps locks in glossy condition. Try Phil Smith Coco Licious Shampoo, a rich formula which moisturises, thus protecting the integrity of the colour.

Use a moisturising conditioner

To keep your colour looking super shiny, you need to maintain the condition of your hair. Coloured hair can become stressed out and start to look damaged. We’d recommend using a conditioner such as Phil Smith Total Treat which contains Moroccan Argan Oil, delivering top level pampering for damaged hair, leaving it shiny and soft.

Turn the water temperature down 

When your shower is too hot, the hair cuticle can open, thus allowing the colour to escape.

Shield your hair from the sun 

It’s not just your skin that requires SPF protection! In the summertime, keep your hair hidden - a hat or a scarf will ensure that your colour is protected from the sun’s UV rays.

Get a colour gloss

In between colour appointments, visit the salon for a gloss, a quick and easy service that will ensure that your colour stays looking great until your next big appointment.

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