Asked by you, answered by Phil

“How do I stop my hair getting greasy so quickly?”
- Lizzie, Hull

PS. This is one of the most commonly asked questions. Try reducing how often you wash your hair, if it’s every day, try every second day instead. When you go to bed, brush through your hair and in sections spray generously with one of my Dry Cleaners. The dry shampoo will help absorb excess oil without encouraging your hair to produce extra natural oil (which can happen if you are over-washing it). By applying more dry shampoo than you might during the day, it will do this throughout the night and you’ll wake up with fresher feeling hair. Also try to avoid touching your hair throughout the day. Think of everything your hands touch over the course of the day and then transferring this to your hair every time you touch it. This act can really contribute to the texture and feeling of your hair. You might also want to try a less intensively moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. My TWO IN ONE Shampoo and Conditioner cleanses hair and leaves it soft and healthy but without weighing it down.

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Phil x