"I love having long hair but I get loads of split ends, how can I keep it long but make it look better?

- Megan, Aberdeen

PS. I hear this from my clients so often and they’re usually hesitant to get regular trims - but - if you do this, it’ll make your hair look thicker, smoother and longer because you’re getting rid of the damage which pulls focus.

After a trim, use a quality shampoo and conditioner like my LONG AND STRONG range. It’s especially designed for long hair; keeping it strong, thick and silky. It’s made with Lemon Extract to help keep your hair and scalp nourished which also helps promote healthy hair growth.

When washing your hair, gently comb through the conditioner with a wide tooth comb to properly distribute the product from mid-lengths to ends and help make it tangle free.

Apply a hair oil when hair is damp to add more moisture post-wash. My COCO LICIOUS Nourishing Coconut Oil is perfect for this.

Remember to protect hair before blow-drying or using styling tools. My COCO LICIOUS Heat Defence Spray acts as a heat shield and it’s an important step to keep hair strong and shiny.

Finally, consider exchanging elastic hairbands for silk scrunchies to stop breakage. Silk pillow cases are also more gentle on hair and are great for skin too so it’s a win win.

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Phil x