“Why whenever I use coconut oil, does my hair end up feeling greasy? I end up having to wash it all over again!”  - Jessica, Bristol

PS. This is a common question and is easily fixed through simple application changes! It’s likely you are using too much hair oil. I recommend after washing your hair, to evenly distribute a small pump of my COCO LICIOUS Nourishing Coconut Oil initially, no more than a pea size amount, onto damp, towel dried hair. This will help to detangle your locks and add moisture. Make sure you are only applying the oil to the ends of the hair and not at the roots as this is what makes hair appear greasy. Keeping the product at the ends will help it look glossy and healthy. If you are applying the oil onto dry hair to add shine, use a smaller amount than on wet hair. This will smooth split ends and flyaways and make hair look more shiny and healthy. As everybody’s hair has a different texture and thickness and tends to absorb moisture differently, use these instructions as a starting guide and build up to more product, depending on your hair type. You can always add more but it’s much harder to reverse once you’ve applied too much!

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Phil x