“How can I get the most of my natural curls?” - Jessica, London

In general curly hair is dryer so a shampoo & conditioner with hydrating and moisturising properties is crucial. Moisturising formulas will smooth hair cuticles from root to tip, meaning hair is left healthier and curls are silky and defined. My CURLY LOCKS Shampoo and Conditioner is infused with grapeseed oil to help intensely hydrate and moisturise the hair and scalp, turning frizz into enviable curls. My luxe CURLY LOCKS Shampoo helps strengthen the hair structure and encourages hair growth while the matching ultra-rich Conditioner hydrates and controls curls to reveal gorgeous, bouncy hair that is full of life.

Keeping hair hydrated helps avoid frizz and split ends - a common contributor to tangles as they cause the hair strands to interlock. The easiest and most effective way to detangle your curls is when your hair is wet or damp. After shampooing with my CURLY LOCKS Curl Perfecting Shampoo, use a generous amount of my CURLY LOCKS Curl Perfecting Conditioner to saturate the hair, acting as an additional hydrator. Use your fingers or a wide tooth comb to gently rake through the hair, starting for the lengths and working up to tackle pesky knots. Also try increasing the pressure of your shower head to give force through the tangles, this acts similarly to your fingers or comb.  Rinse out the conditioner, and to define the curl pattern, twirl sections of hair with your finger, alternating direction each time. This will help your curls keep their shape and look more polished. Use a diffuser when blow-drying to disperse the air and help reduce frizz.

Finish by rubbing a pea-sized amount of the CURLY LOCKS Curl Control Cream in the palms of your hands and run through wet hair from mid-lengths to ends, avoiding the roots. Additionally, lightly spray my CURLY LOCKS Curl Perfecting Spray to smooth fly-aways and let your style shine!

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Phil x