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“My hair never feels or looks as good once Summer is over. How can I make my hair look better in the colder weather?” - Ellie, Edinburgh

PS. The weather can have countless effects on our hair, so what products you use at different times of the year can really help. To nourish and restore hair dried out by the cold, I’d recommend the TOTAL TREAT range. It has Moroccan Argan Oil infused in the formula to really amp up the moisture and keep hair healthy as we creep towards cooler temperatures. My first tip would be to book in with your hairdresser. Your hair grows more in the Summer so a trim will rid your hair of dead ends so you can start fresh for the new season. Hair hydration starts in the shower. Use my TOTAL TREAT Indulgent Nourishing Shampoo to cleanse and restore damaged and dry hair to a luxurious silky smoothness. Follow up with my TOTAL TREAT Indulgent Nourishing Conditioner and massage generously through the lengths and ends. Leave on for up to two minutes for best results before rinsing. Before drying hair, apply a pea sized amount of my TOTAL TREAT Argan Oil-To-Cream, working through mid-lengths and ends, to damp, partially dry hair to transform the texture of your hair into lustrous locks and to really secure in the moisture for healthy looking hair that will look great all day.


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Phil x