Things to avoid if you want soft hair

If your hair is feeling a bit coarse and you’re desperate to inject some sleek smoothness, there are several things you should steer clear of…

AVOID… over-washing 

If you wash your hair too often you might strip it of the natural oils it needs to keep strands moist and soft. Most hair only needs to be washed two or three times a week.

AVOID… washing your hair in very hot water 

Hot water can cause damage to your hair and make it duller and dryer. After conditioning it’s a good idea to rinse with cool water to ensure that all the product is out of your hair without stripping out any moisture.

AVOID… using too many heated tools

We all use hair dryers, straighteners and tongs for many of our hairstyles, however excessive use can damage the hair cuticle which leads to breakages. When you do use the tools, make sure you’re applying a heat protectant beforehand and take breaks to allow your hair to recover.

AVOID… avoiding the hairdresser!!

If you get your hair trimmed regularly (every six to eight weeks) it will help to prevent breakages and get rid of split ends, keeping it strong and healthy-looking and making it super soft.