What you need to know before you commit to a fringe

Fringes don’t necessarily signify a change in life or a romantic breakdown! A fringe can be the ultimate accessory. But don’t go into fringe life without considering that it does require somewhat of a commitment. We’ve laid out what you need to know before venturing into bangs…

Consider your texture

The texture of your hair is an important consideration when thinking about getting a fringe. Be aware that you should only try and emulate a look on hair that is similar to yours. Wavy hair looks good with a softer, longer side fringe. Curly fringes need to be kept hydrated and healthy. 

Regular trims are necessary

We would recommend every two to three weeks to keep them looking tight. Many stylists do them as a complimentary service. 

Daily maintenance is required

The majority of fringes are not a get up and go look. You have to make a bit of an effort each morning. Are you willing to put in the effort? 

Face shape should also be considered

Your face shape is a key consideration when deciding the type of fringe you want. Round faces look good with a sweeping side fringe; long thin faces can pull of a longer, heavier fringe… Do you research beforehand!

Invest in products that nourish and protect

Since it’s likely that you’ll be using more heat on your fringe in order to style it every day, we’d recommend investing in products that really moisturise your hair. Use the Phil Smith Be Gorgeous Total Treat range and then style with the ALL NEW Phil Smith Magic Potion.

The all new Be Gorgeous range uses 100% recycled plastic that can be recycled again. We are moving away from single use plastic and looking at how we can make more sustainable decisions that allow you to do the same.