5 Common Hair Mistakes

We’re all guilty of making a few mistakes when it comes to haircare but these are a few cardinal sins that we implore you to reconsider!!

1. Don’t blow dry your hair if it’s soaking wet. This will cause heat damage and will make it much harder to style. Towel dry your hair first or let it dry for 10 minutes before drying.

2. Don’t wash your hair every day. It removes the natural oils that make your hair look sleek, silky and more healthy. Wash your hair every other day to every three days and if you need a freshen up, use a dry shampoo.

3. Don’t fasten your ponytail in the same place every day. To minimise damage to the strands of hair, sometimes wear a high pony, sometimes a low pony… Seamless elastic bands will further lessen the breakage.

4. Don’t ignore your scalp! Your scalp needs to be looked after too. Try a scalp self-massage to stimulate the blood flow.

5. Don’t comb your hair from roots to ends when it’s wet. Start at the bottom and work up! And work in sections - you want to make sure you’re giving your hair as much TLC as possible. Finish by applying the Magic Potion Wonder Cream which locks in moisture to nourish the hair from root to tip.

Good luck - wishing you all a good hair day ;-)