Fiona, Manchester

“My long hair feels flat, what can I do? I don’t want to cut it!”

PS. Depending on your hair type, long hair can feel flat because it lacks volume at the root so the eye is only drawn down by the length. Hair should always showcase your face. Volume is important but it doesn’t have to be a full on blowout. Use a thickening or volume boosting shampoo like my BIG IT UP! range and dry hair upside down to increase body at the root. Alternate your parting as this will instantly create lift as the hair is sitting against its usual pattern. Finally, use some dry shampoo for airy, weightless texture. Dry shampoo is light so it won’t weigh flat hair down but instead will create body and movement. I have a dedicated volume boosting dry shampoo in my BIG IT UP! range too.

Phil x