As you know, this year I relaunched a more sustainable Phil Smith BE GORGEOUS. I wanted to offer you guys the same salon inspired, cruelty free haircare products you know and love but with new and improved eco-friendly credentials.

In honour of Recycling Week, I wanted to let you know what we’ve been up to, to ensure our customers can be gorgeous for the better. I strongly believe that now is the time to get serious about recycling and that we can’t afford to wait to do our bit for the planet. I want to show other brands that they need to act now and statements to “reduce plastic by 50% before 2025” isn’t good enough. It’s possible to make change now! And I’m so proud that an independent brand like ours is showing others that it’s possible.

You may have noticed; we recently had a big makeover! My team and I have been working hard behind the scenes to update our packaging and formulas with a more considered, eco-conscious approach (AND in bigger bottles!). The rebrand makes us more sustainable than before as we use only 100% recycled plastic to make our bottles - which can be recycled again!

As part of a wider attempt to be more sustainable, we want to continually improve each step of the customer journey so you can confidently shop Phil Smith BE GORGEOUS knowing you’re doing your bit for the environment too. If you order from us online, we ensure that all packaging is reduced and recyclable.

I have always ensured that from start to finish, our products are perfected, created and packaged in the UK. This gives us more control and input at each stage but also reduces our (and your) carbon footprint too.

 Phil Smith BE GORGEOUS has always and will always be cruelty free but now our formulas are ALL vegan friendly and use only sustainably sourced ingredients. I was shown how palm oil was farmed and it’s honestly, truly horrific. It’s a big part of what sparked these changes.

For those of you who might not know, I also have a not-for-profit salon in Salisbury, called Smith England. There we have a recycling campaign in place so clients can bring back any empty bottles (not just Phil Smith BE GORGEOUS) in exchange for a discount on their next retail purchase and we take care of the recycling for them. I wonder if we can replicate something like this for our online customers too… stay tuned.

In the meantime, if you have any recycling related questions for me, feel free to drop me a DM on Instagram @philsmithbegorgeous. Alternatively, if you have any ideas that we could implement to help you be more sustainable please let me know!


Phil x