Three of the best Autumn/Winter 2021 hair trends to try this season

Face-framing Feathering

Feathering is officially back. Think late 90’s, early noughties; it was the celeb ‘it’ style then and the reason behind its return to popularity now remains the same. It’s super flattering and versatile,  allowing clients to keep the overall length of the hair whilst adding dimension by cutting shorter pieces around the jawline. This can be kept modern with a more dramatic step or softened and classic by blending though the length of the hair. This works for so many as it shapes the face and draws the eye up. Ideal for clients who lack thickness in their hair as the feathering is focused around the face rather than layered throughout the whole head. My tip for this one is to always finish by blow drying the front with a round brush for that fluffy 90’s vibe. Finish with a spritz of COCO LICIOUS Dry Shampoo to give soft lift to the hair without weighing it down.

Sun-lit colour

With choppier haircuts and feathering proving popular, colour that subtly highlights the shorter pieces in these styles is trending for Autumn/Winter. We’re seeing more clients embrace their natural hair colour and even adding a darker root shadow. Soft sun-lit highlights are then hand painted much lower down than we’re used to, focusing on the hair that frames the jawline and collarbone and blended throughout rather than starting at the root. This is a sophisticated take on colour and is great for the colder months when hair can naturally darken. Make sure hair is kept super healthy as colour looks best when it's nourished and shiny. Try my Phil Smith BE GORGEOUS TOTAL TREAT Gloss Finishing Shine Spray to add a dose of dazzling shine to your hair.

The Curly Shag

I love this style for curly girls. It’s soft yet still has a retro ‘cool-girl’ vibe to it. Achieved by cutting lots of layers with the clients curl pattern in mind so it feels effortless. This look is especially popular with a fringe which keeps it feeling contemporary and not dated. We’re seeing a lot of 70’s inspiration with a 90’s twist at the moment and the curly shag is no exception to this. I recommend using dedicated curly hair products for this like my CURLY LOCKS range as the formula is best at helping create and form gorgeously glossy curls. This is popular because it looks effortlessly cool and is a great style to show off natural curls.

What looks are you loving this season? I’d love to know what your favourites are.

Phil x