How to Blow-Dry Curly Hair

After using Phil Smith Be Gorgeous’s Curly Locks Shampoo and Curly Locks Conditioner, which contain grapeseed oil to tame and define curls, use this step by step guide to drying your hair to ensure beautiful, silky curls to provide you with a non-frizzy, gorgeous halo.

  1. Squeeze out the excess moisture from the hair 
  2. Spray the hair with Curly Locks Curl Perfecting Spray to keep frizz and flyaways under control
  3. Apply Curly Locks Curl Control Cream by scrunching it into the hair from root to tip
  4. Use a diffuser on your hairdryer and gently lift hair at the root to add volume
  5. Dry hair 80% of the way and allow 20% to air-dry. This will keep your hair from drying out and getting frizzy.
  6. To finish, gently scrunch your hair to shape and form your style. Scrunch in Phil Smith Magic Potion to lock in moisture, increase shine and hold your style

Hair a great hair day ;-)