Simple Ways You Can Repair Hair Damage and Reduce Breakage

Simple Ways You Can Repair Hair Damage and Reduce Breakage

Our hair goes through a lot - we pull and tug at it; tie it up; heat it up; straighten, curl, pin, twist… all in the name of beauty. But how can we repair the damage that we cause? 

Here are five simple steps to repairing and reducing breakages:

  1. Lower the temperature of your tools
    While heat is a hairstyling game-changer, it can also dry out your hair cuticle and change the structure of your hair proteins. Try and give your hair a break from hot tools and where you can, lower the temperature. And always make sure you use a heat protectant beforehand.

  2. Indulge in rich, healing masks
    Use a good quality mask to keep the hair hydrated and conditioned. We’d recommend our Phil Smith Be Gorgeous Magic Potion which locks in moisture and smoothes flyaways.

  3. Trim your split ends
    The longer you leave split ends, the more likely they are to climb up your hair shaft. By getting the ends trimmed every couple of months or so, you'll greatly reduce the likelihood of damaged hair.

  4. Wash it carefully
    Use the right products - what does your product selection contain? All Phil Smith Be Gorgeous products contain naturally derived, vegan ingredients which are gentler on the hair and scalp - using plant oils keeps the hair hydrated as well as repairing damage.

  5. Expose your hair to the sun and swimming pool with care
    After a day pool-side, create a protective barrier for the hair with an oil such as Phil Smith Be Gorgeous Coco Licious Nourishing Coconut Oil. Apply the oil on to your mid-ends and tips and put hair up into a bun to help locks in the moisture.